The benefits of this project are in three main domains; public, safety, improved mobility & access, and community pride.




  • Address seismic vulnerabilities by strengthening improvements to the substructure elements of the viaduct complex and bringing it up to current standards
  • Add a median barrier along on the Hyperion Avenue viaduct roadway
  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities, including wider sidewalks, signalized pedestrian crossings, a new pedestrian bridge, and a more convenient connection between the viaduct and the LA River bikeway




  • Improve car, bike, and pedestrian travel by updating the design of the bridge’s roadway, intersections and on-and off-ramps
  • Re-align the I-5 northbound off-ramp to allow left turns onto southbound Glendale Boulevard
  • Restripe roadways to current standards while not adding additional traffic lanes



  • Reconstruct the existing deteriorated railings with historic replicas and rehabilitate other historic decorative elements, including bridge lighting
  • Build a pedestrian/bicycle bridge on top of the pylons formerly used for the Red Car, connecting both sides of the river
  • Become a model for positive community collaboration and engagement